Avoiding Filler Fatigue… What Is It?

The use of facial (dermal) fillers in the United States has skyrocketed! You would be incorrect if you thought the popularity of fillers decreased during the pandemic. In fact, it was the reverse. According to many beautify.com cosmetic physicians, they saw an uptick in patients requesting fillers. The increased interest in dermal fillers was fueled in part by the use of video conferencing for work and social interactions.

Although the number of people receiving dermal fillers dropped from 3.8 million in 2019 to 3.4 million in 20201, there was and will continue to be a lot of injections being given by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other certified injectors to established and new patients.

Many men and women have safely and effective used dermal fillers to address fine lines and volume loss which are more noticeable as you age. For individuals looking for non-surgical and temporary cosmetic enhancements, today’s advanced injectable fillers (Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Sculptra®) are ideal to restore a youthful appearance.

But how long can you use fillers? Beautify.com wanted to learn more about fillers and investigate the meaning of the new buzzword in the aesthetic world, “filler fatigue.”

Our editorial team, reached out to Dr. James Stuzin2, board certified plastic surgeon in Miami, Fl to learn more about filler fatigue. According to Dr. Stuzin, this term describes the potential aging effect of filler treatments. Although many types of injectable fillers are available, they share the common characteristic of requiring repeated treatments. “The increasing use of fillers over time can stretch skin and tissue, which means you need more filler,” explains Dr. Stuzin.

Dr. Stuzin provided the following overview to help explain facial rejuvenation:

Injectable Fillers for Facial Rejuvenation

As you age, fine lines and volume loss begin to appear. Injectable fillers are ideal to restore a youthful appearance. A small amount of filler for fine lines can delay future deeper wrinkles.

Yet too much filler too soon can result in what cosmetic enhancement doctors labeled, “filler fatigue,” when you are older. It is important that you select a cosmetic facial expert about a long-term anti-aging plan so you select the best non-surgical or surgical options for you.

Customized Facial Rejuvenation Plan

Some factors that are important in developing your facial filler rejuvenation plan include:

  • You Are Unique: Lifestyle, heredity, and habits all play a role in aging. Your aging issues and goals are different from your friend’s problems. Work with your doctor to customize a plan to meet your personal appearance goals.
  • Different Fillers: While one injectable filler treats fine lines around your mouth, another is best to add volume. It’s important to match the facial area/issue to the correct filler. Be sure to select a certified injection specialist who will know the best filler to meet your needs.
  • Treatment Frequency: Some people want a “refill” treatment too quickly. Each person’s body absorbs filler material at a different rate. So, work with your doctor to set the right frequency that optimizes your anti-aging appearance.

Combating Facial Filler Fatigue

The increasing use of fillers not only stretches skin and surrounding tissue, but because more filler is needed over time, it can also result in facial imbalance. This merry-go-round effect creates filler fatigue which then accelerates the aging process.

Whether excessive filler injections or genetics have caused your skin to stretch, there are options to address facial aging:

  • Skin Tightening: This minimally invasive treatment can tighten skin loose skin.
  • Dissolve hyaluronic fillers: Discuss the option of using an injectable enzyme to dissolve some fillers.
  • Surgical Options: Sometimes, surgery is the right way to go. Facial surgery may offer you the best long-term result. A facelift is often the most cost-effective over time.

An experienced facial physician can help maintain a more youthful appearance without battling filler fatigue.

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2Dr. James Stuzin was named “America’s Best Plastic Surgeon” by Newsweek Magazine 2021 Awards in the facelift category.


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